7 Legitimate Reasons to Green Your Home

All this talk about should you or should you not make your home green and sustainable has really gotten out of control. Today we are going to cover 7 legitimate reasons on why you should green your

5 Ways to Reduce Food Waste

Waste, it’s something we all have in our lives. Whether it is waste of electricity due to usage when it is not needed, or waste of food because of buying too much and not using it all.

The Best Plant to Improve Your Home Air Quality

Did you know that the air in your home is 2-5 times more toxic then the air outside? It sounds crazy right, you would think that since your home is protected and insulated from the environment that

5 Myths About Solar Panels

As with almost anything, there comes up common myths about something. In this case, we are talking about solar panels and myths they have acquired over the years. Today we are going to reveal the 5 most

Trade Contractor Management — Part 5

Subtitle:  Use brainstorming sessions to create your own company checklists and nail down your specifications Images:  The most time-intensive part of creating a trade contractor management program is creating your company’s specifications for each trade which, in

Trade Contractor Management — Part 4

Subtitle:  Control documents: Using checklists to manage quality on the jobsite Images:  It’s time to get into the nuts and bolts of trade contractor management — the control documents — what I refer to as the field

Trade Contractor Management — Part 3

Subtitle:  What goes into your general agreement Images:  If you’re following along with this series of articles, you will recall that I ended the last post with a list of the various pieces and parts of a

Trade Contractor Management — Part 2

Subtitle:  Why you need one and what they are made of Images:  Before you commit to the time and energy required to put together a complete management system for your trade contractors, you may want to know

Trade Contractor Management: Creating Programs That Work

Subtitle:  Creating an effective system in your business is the gift that keeps on giving Images:  Way back when I was a contractor, I always found it useful to develop well-organized systems to use in running our