5 Myths About Solar Panels

As with almost anything, there comes up common myths about something. In this case, we are talking about solar panels and myths they have acquired over the years.

Today we are going to reveal the 5 most common myths about solar panels, and then reveal the true facts.


Myth 1) Solar panels don’t work when it’s cold or cloudy

Whether it is sunny, cloudy, hot, or cold outside; solar panels work. In fact, solar panels can actually be more efficient when they are in the cold. Although, typically when it is cold there is less sunlight energy (due to time of year and / or location on the planet). After a certain point of heat, solar panels start to lose efficiency, while the cold is still the most optimal place for a solar panel.

Myth 2) Solar panels are for the wealthy (too expensive)

While this use to be true while solar panel technology was first coming out for residential homes (and even commercial buildings), it is no longer the case today. As technology grows and advances, it becomes cheaper and more readily available to a greater percent of the population.

Although you won’t see an immediate return on your investment with solar panels, you can expect to make your money back within 7-15 years. It can even be quicker if where you live offers incentives for solar panels!


Myth 3) Solar panels won’t last in harsh conditions

Actually quite the opposite of this myth is the truth. In fact, solar panels might actually save your home in really bad conditions (even a hurricane!). Check this out for some real proof for yourself! You’ll be surprised to see the only part of the house still not destroyed completely is covered by a solar panel! Can we say strong or what?


Myth 4) Solar panels reduce home value

In fact it is quiet the opposite. Unlike pools and desks, which to some will decrease the value of the home and even increase property taxes, solar panels will typically only benefit the value of the home and rarely (if ever) increase property taxes. The government wants you to use solar panels, so they are trying to incentivize and make it as plausible to put into homes as possible. On top of that, they aren’t as ugly as they use to be. You can even get solar panel roof shingles now, and it looks fancy rather than an eyesore for sure.


Myth 5) Solar panels are high maintenance

The only regular maintenance you need to really do it ensure that the solar panels are clean and no debris is on them. This is for obvious reasons, because if it is covered and dirty you won’t be generating as much energy as you could if they were cleaned off.

This cleaning doesn’t have to be often, and even just a few times a year will be just fine. Solar panels are built to last, and typically have a very long warranty on them. So if anything does happen to break, it shouldn’t cost you anything to get it replaced and fixed.


The hopes of this post are to relieve some of your worries when it comes to buying some solar panels for your home, or even your business! They are truly a great way to save money (in the long run) as well as save the environment and prevent as much usage of not so green energy.

Still not convinced? Read up on some more reasons on why you should buy and install some solar panels. Or, share some reasons you have in the comments down below.

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