The Best Plant to Improve Your Home Air Quality

Did you know that the air in your home is 2-5 times more toxic then the air outside? It sounds crazy right, you would think that since your home is protected and insulated from the environment that it is less toxic.

Well, the myth is broken. Typically it is found that air inside a closed building is way more toxic then outside. This is caused by the restricted air flow buildings have. Of course you could open your windows 24/7 and it would clear your home of a lot of this ‘stale’ and toxic air from your home, but what would you do in the winter? Or while it is raining?


In place of just keeping the windows open, there are two other options you can choose from: natural air filters or not so natural air filters.


What I mean by not so natural air filters are the ones you buy in stores. Those machines you buy filters for every few months, and you plug it in and it filters the air. While this is probably better then nothing, it will never beat a ‘natural’ air filter. A natural air filter is simply a plant, one that is simply living off of what is toxic to us, and producing what is healthy for us to breathe in.


So if you could choose just one single plant to have in your home to greatly improve air quality, what exactly would it be? Well, this is a tough one and it can depend on multiple factors.

Due to only choosing one plant, and the fact that many people have pets in their homes, we have to firstly make sure this plant is non-toxic. That means that even if a plant ate it, it would not be harmed. And not to disappoint you or anything, but I’ve found that the best plants for air purification are the toxic ones. Let’s not give up hope just yet though!


Secondly, we need a plant that cleans the most (preferably all) toxins and bad particles that are floating in the air. One that would be my first choice for this would be a Peace Lily plant. But since it is toxic, we have to ignore that one and keep on looking. If you aren’t a pet owner, you can probably stop here and research more into these peace lily plants and see if it will fit your style. It is probably by the far the most effective plant, and if you have no pets you have no worries! But for you pet owners out there, sorry we have to keep on looking.


Another thing we are looking for is a neutrally styled plant. One that is going to appeal to most people, isn’t overly flashy, and won’t attract too much attention. If that is your intent, then you should probably read a post on beautiful houseplants.


After coming across this LifeHacker post describing the top 10 plants approved by NASA, I had to investigate. As I said before, the most effective plants on this list (found near the bottom) were the poisonous ones. Although it is a disappointing reality, there are still many good plants on here to choose from.


After looking through all the plants and what they purify out of the air, I came a conclusion that the Bamboo Palm plant was the best option for the broadest range of homes. It’s style is sleek yes not invasive, it’s non-toxic, and it cleans out a lost of the nasty things that are in the air of your home.

And although it isn’t as effective as a Peace Lily or a English Ivy, it still gets a lot of the job done. It cleans out toxins found in tobacco smoke, vehicle exhaust, and many more. If you want to learn about the official name of the toxins it takes out, it is; formaldehyde and xylene. With this Bamboo Palm in your home, it will be filtering out these two toxins from your air, keeping your mind at ease knowing the air in your home is much healthier.

It is also recommended to have a plant per 100 sq ft in your home. So I recommend filling your home up with a few of these Bamboo Palms, and mix in some other plants like the Lily Turf or the Spider Plant.


What is your reason for wanting a plant in your home? Let us know down below, along with any plants you plan on having in your home (or already have).

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