7 Legitimate Reasons to Green Your Home

All this talk about should you or should you not make your home green and sustainable has really gotten out of control. Today we are going to cover 7 legitimate reasons on why you should green your home.

I personally don’t think there is a single reason not to green your home except for the initial cost aspect of it. But if you can get past that, find a way to fund it, then there are no other major barriers that should be holding you back.

Lets start off with the first highly legitimate and valid reason you should be building a sustainable home, shall we?


1) Increase Home Value

Although the upfront costs may get up there and be intimidating, think about how it will be effecting your homes value. Although you may be loosing out on cash when upgrading your home to be green, it isn’t going to waste like a lot of other purchases do (E.g buying a boat).

Think of this activity of spending as an investment. Your money is being spent, but it’s being spent on returning assets that are worth money to other people (buyers) as well as you for as long as you live in the home.


2) Breathe in Better Air

You know that ‘new home’ smell? It’s like a new car, it just smells new. Did you know that the air inside a typical new home is 10 times more toxic then outdoor air?

By building a green home made out of recycled materials, you will not have this issue (not nearly as much anyways) as you would if you were to build an average, non-green, home. Don’t you want to breathe better in the comfort of your own home? I know I do!


3) Highly Durable Home

I bet you didn’t know that green homes are typically built to last, at least a lot longer than your conventional homes.

Recycled plastic decking will typically last 5 times longer than your typical wood decking. On top of that, it requires less (if any) maintenance to it. Where-as wood decking needs to be worked on continuously to be kept in good shape. Sounds like a win-win situation!


4) Save Money – Lots of Money

This is one of the biggest benefits of them all when it comes to building green. Although it may cost a pretty penny upfront while building out your green home, you will be thankful you made the initial investment later on.

Depending on which parts you focus most on conserving waste (energy, water, etc) will depend on what your utility savings will look like. But if you focus on all aspects of waste, you will see highly reduced utility bill costs and overtime your green home investment will slowly start to pay itself off, and then some.


5) Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

With your new green home you are going to have recycled a ton of resources, that otherwise would not of been used and materials that are not so eco-friendly would of been used instead.

Becoming part of the green movement means being eco-friendly conscious all of the time, even while building your home. So building your home with recycled materials is a huge step in the right direction over using your typical materials most homes still use.


6) Rely Less on Others

With a sustainable house, depending on what your plans are when you build it, will let you be able to rely less on others.

Being able to go without electricity from a grid, water from the town, or heat from a company, is such a powerful advantage any home can have. While the power goes out and your neighbors are all out of power, you can have your lights shinning bright with the heat blazing. Although, we do recommend you invite everyone over if you plan to do that, it’s only fair!


7) Feel Better About Your Life

This one may become of a surprise to you, but by living in a truly green environment you will feel much better.


Because you will be reminded day in and day out that you made a powerful decision that has preserved so much, and you have helped save the earth, one house at a time. On top of that, it furthers your green living lifestyle which will just spike more green ideas and habits that you will live by forever. Doesn’t that sound great?



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Have any personal reasons you’d like to share with everyone? Comment it down below!

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