5 Ways to Reduce Food Waste

Waste, it’s something we all have in our lives. Whether it is waste of electricity due to usage when it is not needed, or waste of food because of buying too much and not using it all. It’s seemingly unavoidable, and probably impossible to reduce it completely.

But although we can’t reduce everything down completely, we can take steps to reduce waste highly. So in this post, we are going to talk about the reduction of food waste, in 8 simple ways.


1) Move old products to the front

Instead of putting all the new products in the front after going shopping, but them behind to older products to ensure the old gets used up before it goes bad.


2) Donate food (that’s still good)

Don’t see yourself using up some food in your cabinets before it goes bad? Maybe you should donate it to a local food bank, shelter, or another program of your choice! You will feel good and reduce waste, wouldn’t that be a productive day?


3) Don’t Throw Away on ‘Sell-By’ Date

Typically, food will last much, much, longer than the ‘Sell-by’ date on your package. This date is simply for the retailer, and they should throw it away if they don’t sell by that date. Reason why you don’t need to throw it away just yet is because this isn’t an expiration date! This is a date that applies to the sale of the good, rather than the expiration of the good.


4) Finish Leftovers First

Instead of cooking up something new for lunch, check if you have any leftovers from the night(s) before. If you do, and if you are in the mood for it, then warm it up (or eat it cold) and save yourself some time, energy, and garbage space by eating up leftover food.

Obviously if it has gone bad, throw it out!


5) Freeze Your Food

Don’t think you are going to use something for awhile? Freeze it before it goes bad! Or how about food that might go bad soon? Freeze that too!

Although freezing food won’t make it last forever (can we say freezer burn?), it will make it last for a lot longer than it would last not frozen.

On another related note, try buying food already frozen instead of not. It will make it last even longer than food frozen after the fact!



There are probably a ton of other things you could do to reduce your food waste, and there are! So we’ve compiled a list of a few different resources that should help you out with even more ideas on how to reduce food waste, here they are:


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We hope those resources are plenty enough for ideas on how to seriously stop food waste within your home, and life in general!

Be sure to read our blog frequently for more tips and ideas on green living and creating a powerful impact on the environment.

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